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Side note: Meet our Mascot

Every team needs a mascot, and, at least in our opinion, we've got the cutest.

Meet Chloe, our pomsky pup who fully believes she's human, or at the very least, the largest dog on the block. We've tried to convince her otherwise, but at this point, we just roll with it.

This pup pets other dogs, puppy paws at the things she wants, uses her paws like human hands to get her favorite toy, and eats apples and carrots for treats (believe me when I say, in her eyes, apples are life).

Chloe doesn't travel with us everywhere, but she most definitely has the travel bug (just opening the back hatch on the SUV or one of the side doors makes her lunge to get inside).

We'll be sharing some of our tips on traveling with pets and all of the bloopers and wins that go along with it.

Stay tuned, there's a lot more to come!


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